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Originally Posted by Fish99 View Post
LHS says they will have the new Edge QQ in this week. I am loving that little micro SBach 3D, but to be honest, am missing flying my bigger PZ Extra 300 and PA Extra 260's. They have more presence in the air, and are more impressive to watch. As much as I can do everything with the micro that I can with these, it's somehow MORE FUN to me to do it with the bigger planes.

Guess that's what drives people to 50 and 90 inch planes, etc. ... I know where I am heading! (LOL) Only thing is, you don't fly THOSE in the park. (Or in the case of the little micro SBach and Beast, on the street in front of my house!)

Has anyone put the Extra 300 on skis? LOVE to see some video of that.

You owe it to yourself to try this one. It does not even compare to flying a um plane. It flies much like the balsa planes you mention above. Will do more stuff than my pz extra with more ease and has a wider flight envelope. It is close to the ultimate parkflyer so far, at least from HH. It's super durable (don't ask how I know) and very economical to fly. $6 batteries fly it for 7-8 minutes and recharge in 12-14 min, so three or four of them let you fly all day nonstop. No bad habits at all, does the tricks, super easy on landings and addicting.
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