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Originally Posted by nblracer880 View Post
I do aerial photography for a living with my EPP FPV plane and with my quad copter.

Today, my business phone rings and I answered it expecting a customer requesting an estimate.

Instead I am greeted by a local FAA FSDO's Operations Inspector. He goes on to inform me that it is currently illegal to operate my UAS for any commercial purposes.

I specifically asked if his phone call was an order to cease and desist and he said no, he was just giving me information.

Since he did not tell me to cease and desist I am going to continue to operate business as usual and hope everything blows over.

Does anyone know what the fine or penalty actually is for playing with my RC plane and selling a few pictures? (that sounds like an America I want to live in by the way)

He went on to tell me that I can operate my UAS as I was previously, just not commercially for money.

The funny thing is, when I am operating commercially, I am usually less that 100 feet in the air. When I am having an FPV flight for fun I go anywhere from 1000' to 3000' AGL.

This is so frustrating to me both as a hobbyist and a small business owner. It is a joke that the FAA is trying to place such limitations on a TOY AIRPLANE for god's sake.

Regardless, I am not going to let this stop me.. I will wait until I start to get letters from the FAA or prosecution notices. A big deal needs to be made about this.. if there is a court case, I will involve the media heavily and maybe it will help get more of the public involved and on our side.

I am calling my congressman tomorrow as well as a number for the office that is handling UAS integration in Washington D.C.

What do you guys think about this?

I investigate rules recently about this stuff

For some reason they got hard on about making sure people don't do it for commercial use, I not sure why they care so much about this

As if we use transmitters illegally they tell me they just give small warning, but as long as its not fr commercial use

Why not use fpv for commercial use, I don't get it what is the problem, who are they trying to protect, why do they restrict commercial use , but not care if we fly fly illegally so much
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