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Harsh mate, very harsh - if not without foundation. IIRC, you were exactly the type of modeller/innovator I was thinking of.

As I said, there is some cross-over and am not saying that's a bad thing, or that there aren't still some beautiful models to be found on this forum. What I find a problem is searching for info about specific items. If I want to know about an ARF/RTF it would be helpful if I could find it where I'd expect. Similarly, it would be nice to know there was a forum comprised mostly of model builders where inspiration was the prominent feature. Sometimes the 'search forum' function is less than helpful and the more variation of theme there is, the less use it becomes.
Many dozens of helicopters are micro and for indoor use, but is this the forum in which to discuss them. The E-Flite 250 size models CAN be flown indoors, but only if you have a large venue. Micro they are not. Variety can be a good thing, and many RTF models contain extremely usefull equipment (I'm currently working on a couple of projects for the Nano Stik gear) but I just find it frustrating with everything lumped together.

Yes, I do know that the solution is to start my own build threads in the hope it will inspire others.

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