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There are special Licenses, but I understand that you have to previously be a licensed pilot, and then you have to jump through hoops, and pay money...

There is supposed to be a change in the law, and I think it's supposed to be made public in 2014.

there is one good side of it though... Until the new law is enacted, the hobbiest has no regulations on rc and fpv activity.

The only time that you will have rules to follow is when you are flying at a AMA sanctioned field.

Some will tell you that there rules in play right now, and that you have to do this and that, and you can't do this and you can't do that, but until the new law is enacted, they are wrong...


Originally Posted by BGArmy View Post
Hey all,

I haven't been around much in the past few years, but it is good to get back on here and see that everybody is still going strong. You guys have got some awesome footage!

I recently had an opportunity arise with a good friend who is starting a film and advertising business. We got talking and I showed him some aerial footage, then we straped a gopro to my glider just to try it out. We got some pretty cool footage flying around inside the BYU stadium - I'll have to put it up here - though my CG was off and it lost a lot of stability.

So I've been reading about some FAA regulation saying that you can't fly for commercial purposes. First of all, who gave the FAA permission to make laws? That's messed up if you ask me. Either way, I can't find anything concrete on it. Is this all true? Will we be prosecuted? Any ways around it?

Thanks for your help!
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