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Rainy Day thoughts

So, it was raining again today... so, between short bouts of work, I read RCgroups, and thought about things.

How does one connect a multi engine plane's throttle, especially if one has a TH9X ?

Does one use two ESC's, or just one?

One ESC - It would have to be a pretty big single ESC... would there be danger of feedback between the two motors causing hunting or beat frequency behavior? Would the two engines be well enough balanced that the thrust will be close enough, or would you have a built in turn ?

Two ESC's - Do you connect them to the receiver with a Y cable, or two channels? With the TH9X I can see how to slave one second channel to the normal throttle, and use sub trim to adjust relative thrust. If/when I get the new programming card and firmware, I can also see how to use ep9x to set up one of the pots to adjust the relative thrust of the two engines. Does one use just one battery, or can one use two? I can see some possible problems with loop problems if you use two batteries, two ESC's, two connections to the receiver... or not ???

If one uses a second battery for lights, does one just connect it and not go through the receiver? So the lights are on for the flight, or off? If you want to use the aux channels on the receiver to control the lights, are you committed to using the main battery, or do you hook up an electrically isolated switch (such as an opto switch) or a mechanical switch on a servo to isolate the second battery from the main battery ?

And speaking of having gone NUTS... I spent some time reading about the ARDUPilot and quad copters. I found a nice kit from JRDrones that costs "only" $600... add in the FPV and a few goodies, and it's about a K-buck. OUCH. Then I thought that I have a lot of junk... I mean "treasures"... laying about the place, and I can probably raise $1K on eBay by selling ju... treasures. Anybody want to buy a floor model autoclave suitable for a medical clinic or tatoo parlor ??? So, my goal is to clean up da joint and use the proceeds to buy a FPV ARDUpilot quad copter, and test it for the fire department. Kewl, eh ? I'll be able to go play AND tell the missus it's for the good of the community !!!

I am still thinking about building the MEGA SUE... but it's gonna be heavy. Even if I put two motors on it, I don't think the combo I have been using will be good enough. Any suggestions ?? I'm gone all next week, so if I order now (from US, not China) I might have the parts ready by the time I get back... and then it's time to build, fly, curse the snow, etc... Hmmm... snow... gotta think about plastic or foam instead of paper.

Thanks for all the help.

Ad Astra

(Hey, should I change my name to Ad Astra ??? Can one change a name, or do you make a new user? )
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