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Important Links

Here are some important links:

This link will take you to a web page that has all the attachments and links posted on the RCU forum for the 683 portion of this project. The 683 in IMHO is completed and working fine. The web page has everything listed by coresponding pages to the forum, so if you find something interesting on page 4 then go to page 4 of the forum.
RCU Attachments and Links that are posted there. There is also a ZIP file that has everything.

Jake Stewart's lost his website for now. So I have put his web site up on mine, see below link. He has a pretty good explanation on how to setup MPLab to get you going. Make sure you download the Excel spread sheets to get your timing table values and read the instructions. I find that with Excel 2007 I just right click on a page tab and left click on 'UnHide' then 'Table_Values:

Fixes to the spreadsheet only, no changes were made to the 683/1840 code. Lastest is Dated Jan 01-2013.

Pull-ups are turned off for the switches and the polarities are reversed CDI-2012_v1.0_B-F1.1.xlsm

Revisions and Fixes Jan 1-2013.txt

MPLabX Source Code Editor:
You will need this to modify and burn/flash the MCU.
MPLabX Down Load Page

You will also need the MPLAB XC8 Compiler. The 1840 has room to use the low-optimized free version.
MPLabXC 8 Windows Compiler

While it's free you should also download the XC32++ compiler.
MPLAB® XC32++ Compiler Software

I like to use this program for coding and then copy my code into MPLabX.
TextPad for 'C', 'C++', and 'Java'.

From lovefool (RCU):
To make the PICKit 2 compatible with the 12F1840.
“You need two files, PICkit 2 v2.61 and Device File 1.62.14 (New device support. Compatible with application version 2.61.)”

More to come when testing is finished, which is in the process right now.
'B' Timer Board Layout is at the bottom of post (attachments), why 'B'? well we had a choice between boards and thought 'B' was the best. Thanks Gompy.

How to make your own torrid transformer, click here or go to post 1196

Member links:
Gompy's website (I really like the timing light):

Timing light 1:

Timing Light 2:

A YouTube movie showing an older version of the firmware (0.96):

DIY CDI and software. (1 min 52 sec)

Here's the latest version (1.0) running and showing how the switchable timing works:

CDI-2012_v1.0 (2 min 0 sec)

More coming:
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