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Originally Posted by alumina View Post
please see posts# 7246 7262

I'm in the dominican republic and I guess I own the only 2 KK2 in the whole country jaja
I wasn't planning on throing it away, I thought on keeping it for spare parts if ever needed.
If you know how to fix please tell me, shipping to the states is more expensive than a new one.
Post a picture of the problem for more comments.

First, you need a small soldering iron with a clean small fine tip. A good light and a magnifying glass too.

If the problem is globs of extra solder, they can usually be removed starting with holding the board upside down and heating and adding solder and shaking the extra solder off. Solder wick or compressed air (even blowing with lips) to get what is left. Compressed air will spread strands and pieces of solder in hard to see places so you must carefully examine it and remove them with a pin BEFORE POWERING UP.

If the problem is burned or damaged traces, you just get a single strand of multi-strand wire and rebuild / reconnect.

If you have destroyed components with heat, it is not worth the effort.
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