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What makes a micro model?

Okay, not that great a heading, but I couldn't think of anything else.
A few years ago this forum seemed filled with innovative scratch built models. Imagine how disappointing it was to discover most of that gone, only to be replaced with talk of this RTF, or that RTF. I know there are still some scratch builds and innovation to be found, but you have to search them out a lot more than before. Am I the only one who feels that much of the RTF/ARTF discussion would be better on that particular forum?
I know this sort of thing comes up fairly regularly on the scale forum, but there actually is a forum for micro ARTF models. Is it that hardly anyone actually builds their micro models any more? Personally, if I'm looking for info about an ARTF, I'd like it to be where I'd expect to see it - in the ARTF forum. I realise there is a certain amount of cross-over, but it would be awfully nice not to have to wade through pages of buy and fly models to find out what people are building and how they're building it, what equipment they're using and what materials they use to build with.
I'm not stirring anything here, just missing the inspiration I got just a few years ago and curious about what others think. Yes, I do prefer to build rather than buy, but even an old dinosaur like me owns the odd RTF model, so I don't have any axe to grind.

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