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Originally Posted by Pond Sailer View Post
Just heard a roomer a few days ago from a Sargent that next year the SFPD will be doing spot checks for speed violations. I have not found what the ticket will cost yet. I'll post when I get that info. So this has gotten the attention of somebody in the city. Police yourself's or be Policed I guess. Well it was fun while it lasted.
Fine is reputed to be as follows....

first offense -
$100 for violating the posted rule (on the sign) - speed.
$100 for violating the posted rule (on the sign) - noise level.
$100 for not reading / disobeying the sign.
$300 Possible Total for the City. - (creative, n'est-ce pas)

So, yes, thanks to the folks running their I/C boats without mufflers, running at speeds in excess of 50mph, exceeding their skills and hitting other boats or flying out of the Lake and smashing into parked cars, etc., the attention of Rec & Parks as well as SFPD has turned toward the Lake and they may be contemplating 'coming down' on the fast electrics as well because of excessive speeds and the accidents.

Almost everyone using that Lake are pretty responsible, even most of the go-fastie electric guys and the amphibious fly-boys. They do not want to see "Imperial Entanglements" descending upon the Lake, but for the handful of people who just gotta see how far they can push things, thanks for attracting attention.
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