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Originally Posted by Rich Knapp View Post
OK I got lost in the scope of posts. I have 2 Q?

1. So at this time the Devo7E only has its size going for it for small hand people like me? I was looking at a Devo 10 when I ran across the 7E.
It depends on what you mean. Purely from a cost perspective, the Devo7e is much cheaper than the Devo10. If you don't need many analog controls, it should be a perfectly fine Tx. If I had to choose between a Devo7 and Devo7e, I'd almsot certainly take a 7e at this point. If you are willing to pay for the Devo10, it is definitely a better Tx. If you are interested in using Deviaton to fly all of your models with one Tx, then the 7e is not yet supported so your only options are a Devo6s, Devo8s, or Devo10 (telemetry is required to support SoloPro models). you'll be able to fly SoloPro, DSM2, and all Walkera models with Deviation on any of those Tx.

Maybe some where post a list on heli brands/makes by protocalls-bindable cross overs. Ever serach the web for that?? Thats a lost cause.
I'd love to see this too.
Walkera basically has:
Devo - current protocol used in all their new helis
2801/2601/2401 - their older 8/6/4 channel protocol. I don't have a definitive list, but any rx labeled as 'Rx2x0x' (where 'x' is a number) and there is no 'D' at the end is likely to be supported by these protocols
DSM2: Spektrum, JR, Blade helis use DSM2/DSMx (Deviation only supports DSM2 at this point)
J6Pro: Any SoloPro model compatible with a 'J6Pro' transmitter. Many of the older 4ch helis are NOT compatible.
Turnigy: Compatible with Turnigy/Flysky 8/9ch transmitters (i.e. the '9x'). Also WLToys v911/929/939 and the Xieda 9958 (needs add-on module)
HubsanX4: Compatoble with the Hubsan X4 quad. (needs add on module)

That isn't comprehensive, but should be a reasonable start.
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