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OK I got lost in the scope of posts. I have 2 Q?

1. So at this time the Devo7E only has its size going for it for small hand people like me? I was looking at a Devo 10 when I ran across the 7E.

I have Walkera Super FP(out side bird) and getting a Blade MSR (for inside bird), looking at branching into Solo Pro 228P (outside) maybe a Trex 100X (for inside) more down the road.

Looking at a tx I can fly them all with. Super FP and MSR, I know with a Devo 10 and firmware update I can fly them with no soldering. How about the Solo Pro? I know the Trex100X I need to cut my extra 9958 tx apart.
2. Not to sound like a crank. I'm first getting into this stage of the game and it seams like people aleady at the advanced piont think we all know the protocall and tx stuff and manufactures don't post so its layman understandable, and never talk about the basics or if they do its super super basic like " Includes 1 transmitter" . .

Maybe some where post a list on heli brands/makes by protocalls-bindable cross overs. Ever serach the web for that?? Thats a lost cause.

Like they do for car parts and other hobbies/sports.

Can you help this old dumby please? I don't have a deg. in electronics and never got into electronics growing up, I was always a car guy.
New to the the RC gig.
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