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As you know it depends on the manufacturer's policies, dealings and the partners they have contracts with. So yes for example if BG could purchase the bulk quantities of the 7mm x 20mm with 1mm motor shaft and ~20, 000kv motors, they could get them for ~.50cents and apply their own reasonable markup. ...or maybe they already do

Yes we are looking at this from two different perspectives. You are of course correct for the distro view
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So to put both our takes into perspective:

So XYZ micro brushed motor manufacturer cost (hypotheical) =$.50
WL Toys\Benma cost (hypothetical) =$.60
Banggood or other reseller cost from WL Toys\Benma (realistic) =$1.50-3.00

Banggood or other reseller can go directly to motor manufacturer for spare motorsbut they probably won't have plugs on them and can't be used in conjunction with other parts to build a cheap RTF. The pricing WL Toys and Benma give us are made so that you can't build a RTF cheaper using spares pricing.

You were showing that the raw cost to manufacture a quad is dirt cheap, which it is, and I was showing that BG or other reseller\retailer doesn't get that price when buying them in bulk, so really we're both right.
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