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Actually it's much higher Jim. You can go to Alibaba and get price quotes, but generally the RTF micro quads cost between $23-30 per unit before shipping, taxes, and escrow, and usually you have to order at least 18 units to get that price.

Spare parts cost:

Motors $1.50-3 each
RX boards are ridiculous, betwen $8-14 depending on manufacturer.

Except for props and frames, it's cheaper to actually buy a RTF unit than buy individual spares which is why we won't be ordering seperate RX boards anymore, just part out whole units.

Banggood would be shelling money out at $26.68, at least 3 bucks a quad. That's before they have to ship it. We looked at drop shipping for our customers that wanted absolute lowest price and didn't care about being flight-tested, and our quotes were ~$25.00 per unit (but that's express shipping). I'm sure BG gets a better deal on volume non-express shipping, but it just proves the point tht BG's profit margins are really small and they rely alot on volume sales.

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Actually I figure that the BOM for these micros is less than $16ea, i.e., motors, .50cents/ea=$2, frame and canopy, $3, flight controller, $5, Tx, lipo $1, props x 8=$.50, charger, $1, build and packing $3, so total $15.50 and likely a bit less at higher volume. Consider that the higher volume includes the same clone parts already being made. Add the typical shipping costs of 0-$10 and even that would much less bulk shipments and lot buys for distributors around the planet.

They would not have made as much profit at the sale price, but they would have gotten some good words from the beta tester Gents that received them, and that is certainly well worth the cost of advertising Remember the WLToys V939 was about $32 shipped when it first came out too

Mind you I am not complaining, just offering some economic truth. The law of supply and demand is still in effect

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