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Finally have the slick in my hands. Did few flights yesterday. Maiden went relatively unenventful. Awesome plane . On my third flight broke all the three elevator hinges of one side. Not sure how. May be control rod was binding. Drilled all the six hinges out and put the bigger ones. 3 more good flights today. All on low throws
My setup is A60-6XS on 6S-30C, CC 100ICE, and BEC Pro. 20x10XOAR.
From the logged data 104 amps peak, 2400+ watts peak. After 6 min of moderate flight pumped in around 2600mah back into battery.

ESC was more than warm however motor was quite hot (I have opening at the bottom of fuse for air out). Not much hovering. I think I'm pulling too much amps. I'd like amps to be <=100 at wot. I don't think this setup will survive summers in India.
How good 20x8 APC or XOAR will be on this in terms of pulling lesser amps so that I'm easy on motor and ESC?
Will 20x10 APC draw lesser amps than XOAR? I have few spare APCs.
I'm very happy with the plane... need some more flight time

Any opinion on 20x8 APC on A60-6XS? Also, the recommended switching Frequency for motor is 8kHz, currently my ESC switching is set to "outrunner". Will changing this help in lower amp draw?
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