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Programmable Open Source CD Ignition PIC1840

Welcome to the CDI-2012 DIY Open Source Programmable CDI Project using the PIC12F1840.

Is this project for you? Well let's see
- If you want a pre-packaged CDI ignition, then this is not the place for you.
- If you don't want to burn the code into the microprocessor or
- if you don't want to buy a PIC programmer or
- if you don't want to make some of your own parts like a circuit board or maybe a toroidal transformer or
- you don't want to install and somewhat learn the Microchip dev software or
- you don't want to learn some basic 'C' programming or
- you don't want to learn some electronics or electronic theory
Then this is probably not the place for you. You could however follow along and wait until someone makes a pre-packaged unit. There are other projects in the DIY electronics that are far more complicated than this CDI project so don't complain that it is too complicated. The main focus here is to produce a reliable programmable CDI ignition that will allow you to produce an ignition curve that is optimised for your engine and not a universal ignition curve like the RCxel and others do. Having a optimised ignition curve will give you more Hp and less fuel consumption.

This project started out on the RCU forum but problems with that forum has forced us to move here onto RCG. Which I don't mind at all. This project has been around for quite some time now also but, has matured very quickly lately. We are not starting from scratch but, we actually have a fully working setup, mind you right now it is kind of in pieces but, we are trying to straighten it out. Which is one of the reasons I am starting this thread, RCU doesn't allow very many file types to be up loaded and it keeps loosing posts, so here we are.

Since this is the first post I'll try and keep this post up to date with all the latest files as members post them. One thing I want to point out is that this it not a place for custom designs, there are companies for that. We designed basic boards and software that will get you and your engine running. If you want to change the board designs or modify the code then by all means please do so. In fact we encourage it but, be nice enough to post your changes and your results.

As of Dec. 2, 2012 we have a CDI ignition using the 12F683 that will work on a single cylinder gas engine, the timing curve is programmable, it holds 2 curves that you can instantly switch between while running, a kill switch that can be used in-flight, magnet and hall effect sensor, 6.6v or 7.4v battery, timing LED. Why 2 boards? Well it is easier to keep RFI / EMI from interfering with the planes electronics.

I would like to say again that this is a DIY open source project and as such it is up to you to learn how the Timer and HV boards work and how to modify your own code. So it is just like all other DIY open source projects. It is not hard and everything you need for programming is free but the actual PIC programmer, that you have to buy. There are people that will help you if you need help and ask nicely. Remember no one here is getting paid anything so be nice, some of the people have been working on this for more than 10 years. Some are going to be offering DIY kits and others will be offering complete systems fully soldered up. As for the transformer and ignition coil you can wind your own or buy off the shelf.

Some History:
I'm not going to provide links to the very beginning but, to the last main thread on RCU: Original 'CDI gr8flyer55' On RCU. Forgive me if I get something wrong or left out, or someoneís name wrong, if it bothers you let me know and I will make the change/s. The beginnings is somewhat split up but, they slowly converged into a project and Iím still trying to sort it out so Iím going to fast forward it a bit. In the latest thread the ignition actually started off a add on to the CH-Ignition using the PIC12F683. I guess the coordinator of this version is gr8flyer55 (John) who has done a lot of testing, providing parts and info, and pushing us in the right direction. Nyemi wrote the first code for this version in ASM assembly language, not the easiest thing to do, I know I use to do it. He also has provided a lot of testing and suggestions. Gompy has done a lot of testing, board work and suggestions. IMHO jakestew (Jake) really set this project on fire when he ported the firmware from ASM to ĎCí. This made it easier for everyone to read and modify the code, he is also the one that got us to change from the PIC12F683 to the PIC12F1840. The 1840 has a lot more useable features than the 683. The code V1.00 can be used for both the 683 and the 1840 MCUs. There are a lot more people that contributed to this project and you should read the thread on RCU if you want a good history of who did what and when, along with how we got here.

Code numbering; right now the code went from Ö.. .98, .99 but, V1.00 is the first stable build and it can be used on both the 683 and the 1840. As far as we are concerned the 683 is done and will not be discussed here. As I said the 1840 has a lot going for it but, even it is running out of pins, and IMHO is the perfect MCU for getting your feet wet in embedded PIC design.

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