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Ok, folks, what am I doing wrong? Have 3 batteries into trying to learn to fly the mini vapor with very minimal success. I think I was doing figure 8s with the original vapor after about one battery, and in the same space (about 35x35 with 10 foot ceilings, but some obstructions). I think my longest flight is less than 60 seconds. And every time I crash, my latest cg gets wiped out since the battery tray keeps sliding around, very frustrating. I've learned how to go out of a harrier into a very fast dive though! on latest battery I couldn't seem to get a pronounced right turn trimmed out, so ended up just doing mostly "hovering", ugh (though the rudder looks right down the center-line to me). Ok, I'm not the best pilot in the world, to say the least, but I'm not THIS bad (hey, I can even keep a 3 ball fountain going juggling, so I have SOME eye-hand coordination....). . Any help would be appreciated before I give this away to the nearest 10 year old.....(not a bad idea, in any case).
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