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Hi Travellinjack,

I wouldn't think it would be anything to do with the ESC unless the other servo and/or the receiver were blown as well. It sounds to me like you just got a bad one in the pair. Perhaps the gears bound up and caused the motor to fry, or something blew on the controller board inside the servo. I'm pretty sure that the Hitec HS-81s have a good reputation, but not every servo out of a mass production mound of them is going to be a good performer and long lived. Sometimes you just get unlucky.

I would test the outputs of the receiver by switching the remaining good servo onto the other channels and seeing if it still works properly. If that test goes well, then you know:

1) Your ESC is fine, because if it wasn't, you'd have a lot more trouble than one dead servo.

2) Your receiver is fine, because it works...

3) Your remaining servo is fine, also because it still works...


4) You got a bad servo, because it's the only part that failed.

Finally, replace it with your servo of choice, and be glad that you got the random part failure out of the way for who knows how long, and also be glad that your plane and other parts are fine. Do be sure to check your linkages, especially the rudder linkage, for any binding, and fix it if needed, and then just move on and fly your plane knowing you dodged a bit of a bullet.

I crashed my very first EasyStar after only a couple of weeks because I forgot the horn screw in the rudder servo, and talk about a mess... It worked its way apart and she spiraled 50' down to nose into hard packed sandy dirt and took a lot of damage. I was very new back then and didn't really know what to do in those last seconds, so I probably made it way worse than it needed to be. You got off easy! ;-)

Oh, and about other servos. I've used both HXT900s and 939MGs on my EZ*s and have had exactly one of each fail on me, though with the HXT900 it stripped due to a crash and with the 939MG it stripped because I was experimenting with it on an application way too harsh for it. I think they are both great servos for EasyStar control surfaces, plus they are insanely cheap. I am presently using an HXT900 for the rudder, and 939MGs for the elevator and ailerons. I'd be going 939s all the way around but I was one short, lol.

Rick NR417
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