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My motor is a bit of a load but I like being able to roll, straight up and out of sight, in around 15 seconds! The point remains, however, that i have moved the CG fore and aft and it just doesn't make too much difference. A couple clicks of elevator trim takes care of it. Although, with the CG pushed back as far as my motor and batteries will allow, it will drop a wing if one uses a lot of aileron and elevator at the same time. That only happened when I was using a 950mah battery as far back as I dared.

It's a very forgiving airframe but it likes to fly a little faster than some gliders I've owned. I like fast glides because i can cover a lot of territory even if I have to head into a stiff breeze. Once you get her in lift one can slow down and make those tight turns. I think you will find that to be true even if you have to use a bigger battery or even a little weight to get the CG where you like it.
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