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Originally Posted by pilot_keeter View Post
Just when you thought you've gotten through the hardest part of the build... You haven't installed the VGs. I got all the holes cut ok, but test fitting resulted in the breaking of at least 2 balsa pieces (in the wing structure) that were supported to old the VGs in.... It's like they didn't leave enough space from the edge of the balsa brace and the VG holes. I still have one solid hole so I'll just have to glue in and hope for the best.

"Gluing in and hoping for the best" = my slogan thus far for the Bandit.
For the price I paid for the entire pro package, bling package and everything I have been beyond disappointed.

Also, is it just me or has anyone else noticed tiny holes throughout their covering. When using a flashlight to search for the VG holes I noticed that there are a ton of really tiny holes in my covering, more-so noticeable around the "Bandit" sticker of the right wing.
These do not come together in one hour like a Parkzone plane. Most competent builders know if two pieces do not fit together, then you likely should not try to force the fit as you have done with the VGs- resulting in your breaking wood. Mine, I had to sand down the VG's significantly to make them fit, it was tight but a perfect fit after some sanding.

I had offered several times to give you a hand; but it sounds like you keep making things worse and worse for yourself...

Your attitude of "glueing and hoping for the best" is troublesome and dangerous at best... I would not even feel comfortable test flying that for you considering your construction method is Glue and Pray. You might have had a completely different build experience had you only reached out and asked a specific question like:

What did others do to fit their VG's?

Offer pictures of your build and more experienced persons can actually see what is going on; rather than hoping others can visualize your issues before you have them... To be honest, I am finding it frustrating that no one asks the right questions or posts any pictures of troublesome parts of their build. If you had engaged a more experienced builder to help you, you would likely be singing a different tune- and you would have learned a handful of tricks along the way that you could apply to future builds.

That is my honest opinion.
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