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Question on another point given today

Is the word for a fatherless child considered as profanity by the moderators. Again I changed the post rather that appealing it, but I have seen that word many times and didn't know it was a no no. If it isn't, please erase that point from my record that I understand you keep whether we change our posts or not. To save you the trouble, the word "Bastard" has been used 994 times since 2005. I altered the word using turd on the end of it and the rule broken was trying to get around the swear filter. Don't believe either word is filtered since "Turd" has been used 793 time since 2004.

Thanks for the answer and it appears someone is looking for excuses to report me.

Although we, the users, cannot find out who is doing the reporting, I believe it would serve the moderator well to see who is constantly reporting the same people. It might help you see patterns and help you do your jobs a little easier to determine who the data miners are.

Thanks for the answer and for taking the time to respond.

It would also be helpful if a swear list was provided and then their would be no doubt.

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