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Originally Posted by Daryoon View Post
Nice, have you shared the results with the 9x Forum guys? Perhaps they can implement the proper pulse separator length on future er9x releases. I know they were interested in getting Devo support in the past.

Have you checked to see if the MTC-01 has the flashing plugs on them?
Yeah, I posted over there a while ago. I actually had a bit of a log going as I tried a whole bunch of stuff to get it working. Eventually once I figured everything out I went back and deleted most of those posts because they had all kinds of crazy ideas that didn't work. I need to link back from there to this post because this one has all my latest results.

It is possible to use exactly 423us(*) if you use eepe to edit the model. I'm not sure it makes a difference though. I have now at least a dozen flights with no issues whatsoever with the models posted.

Yes the MTC-01 has the plugs to flash it. It's a simple serial interface on the MTC-01 but Walkera encrypted everything and the DP02 itself provides some sort of non-trivial interface that is used to flash the firmware. Totally ridiculous and it means you need a DP02 interface to flash it. The DP02 itself costs more than the MTC-01 so...

(*) Sorry, I thought it would because it lets you type it in but no eepe won't let you set it to odd values either. 400us does seem to work fine though.
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