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Sorry, I typed that in a hurry. Spell checker made some suggestions and I went with them without reading them through. Always a bad idea.

Her parents are actually split. Her dad is wanting her to continue on but can't help provide a means for that to happen. Her mom is stopping just short of saying what's the point.

I am in collage and have a few classes with her. She is sort of my study partner. Almost every engineering student needs someone to help pull them through the rough times. She has done that for me in the past and I'm trying to do that for her now.

Right now her best choices are the ones you suggested. Take what she can afford as she can afford it. It may even mean skipping a semester every now and then but at least she'll finish.
I'm going with her (dragging her if I have to) to the financial aid department to see if it is possible for her to get a loan. I've been told it may be possible but since she has no collateral, no credit score and no one to cosign for her the interest rates may be through the roof.
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