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Turns out that the camera allows 5 minutes before it shuts off. With a bit of organization it' s easy to get this thing buttoned upa nd in the air in less than 5 minutes.

Rigged a qiuick fix of a plate bolted in the old mount holes to raise the thrust line. Decided to go ahead and try it on our survey site. Programmed a loiter circle around the launch site for 2 minutes, so if that was OK it would go ahead and fly a few waypoints to test the camera and autopilot.

All went very well for an initial flight. It's very easy to transport and set up and it looks great in the air. Did not get stall speed and max speed but did get some data:

9 Amp cruise current @ 60 kmh

100W Cruise power

Cruise range 21 kilometers

The goal was less than 8 Amp cruise. It did have considerable roll oscillation. I'll clean up the mount and move the CG back then work on the oscillations.

Camera is not bad for a start. I thought I had sealed the lens tunnel but some scraps found their way in. Also the camera angle is a bit steep. The photo was taken on the climb out. The detail was cut from it.

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