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Originally Posted by Woodstock 1 View Post
These are both available to you already.

Servo offset is hidden in the CAMB.mix (don't ask me why): just keep on going through the menu, I think it's the 4th one, it's called "OST": you can off-set the neutral point of ailerons, flaps, and one other I think...

Bfly can be assigned to a stick or a slider AKAIK.

I haven't found a way to assign the "original" bfly mix from the menu to anything but the throttle stick, although that's exactly what I want. But understand others might not, and it would be trivial to add the selection. Also, whatever tricks I tried, I never got full deflection for the flaps, so what I ended up doing was to directly set the flaps to the throttle channel and only use the bfly mix for the ailerons.

With the Aurora, you usually find a way to do what you want, but often it requires doing it in a different way from what the programmers originally thought.

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