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What's a collage student? Is that an art school?
What's a lone?
Her parents are telling her to quit and fail (by not taking required finals) and waste they money she or they already paid?! That's just plain stupid if true.
Are YOU really in college?

She has no friends at or nearby the school who she could stay over with during the week for this semester? I've never heard of having to take a full course load. If your schedule or budget only allows you to take 9 credits and 3 days a week, then that's what you do - and get a part time job for the other days of the week. Of course that may extend the time required to graduate by a year if the classes aren't offered every semester. Get a loan - especially if she really only has a year to go. If she's a good student and can get a decent job, that ought to be a reasonable amount of money to repay in a short time.
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