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so33g 27mhz-2.4ghz update

Well at last the replacement 2.4 pcb arrived.This time I connected the battery to the new board and checked the polarity at each pcb motor output and marked which were the positives. I double checked the polarity to each motor while running on the 27mhz board . I then connected the new 2.4mhz pcb and could see that the polarity to the lefthand motor( upper blades) was going to be wrong.I unsoldered the red and black wire from the motor and switched them round then took the plunge and turned it on! This time all seemed well,both motor's ran and no smoke-HOWEVER!!- they both run sweetly until around half throttle when they both cut out and the red l.ed on the pcb starts flashing fast,( the same as it does when you first turn) then a moment later it goes steady red again and you can throttle up again then before you really open it up they cut again and you have to repeat it again. If you open and close the throttle rapidly you can get to full throttle and it'll stay there until you reduce power and the whole procedure starta again.Its like when my 107 runs out of power and cuts out. You can re-arm the pcb twirl the motors briefly and theycut again?? Now since I got the transmitter 2nd hand I am only guessing at the bonding procedure so please tell me if I'm missing something.Maybe its the tranny and thats why it was sold or i'm wondering if the pcb's sensing an overload due to the larger motors of the s033g and assuming the blades are obstacle jammed or something!! Any ideas guy's
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