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@Bob6831 have you ever though of building one from scratch?

i am currently flying the wot-next (found in scratch built foamies) dead easy to build, and once your used to it, you can up the rates and have a wild card of a plane. really capable of some serious acrobatics.

it could be just a stepping stone to build some confidence back (i dont meen to be rude, but with your recent happenings, it seems as though its hit your confidence harder than your planes)

this way, it really does not matter if she breaks, (i crashed mine friday, and im back flying with a new fuse saturday) i too would love to fly some of the big birds, and i will one day, but it is just one of those things you have to take one step at a time.

as for repairs of planes, things like gorrila glue (foam safe glue) hot glue, Epoxy resin, all work wonders, and in small doses too. the tail section could be repaired easily with a dap of gorrilla glue, and being clamped in place. it would be a strong as ever.

i never tape repairs, as the tape itself is not that strong, and can really add weight, leading to more problems to what is an alrady fine line. any hew.

best of luck.

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