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1) Turnigy L2855's are too weak for the Su - though it is interesting that twin 5S L2855-2300kv CS10's scoot the 3.6Kg Me-262 along very fast. These are only 1000w each. But the twin 6S L2855-2100kv's in the Su were no better than stock (prob a bit worse by the looks of videos) but also ran to near 1200w and fried.....
So that is two aircraft of twin 70mm CS10's, very similar weights (mine), yet the 5S Me-262 kills the 6S Su-35. I guess the open nacelles of the 262 allow full CS10 thrust to be realised, whilst the very 'long' Su total ducting costs energy. It takes a pair of HET 2200kv's, and a fair amount more power (Watts) for the Su to match the 262.

2) See my blog for the Lander 6S Alloy CS10. It is great value.... $72 (or even $66).... 1900w capable (per one fan unit), but you would really use 1600W max area, and more like 1300w cruising.... and it can do it with ease, as it is 'big' 2960-220kv motor, with the alloy cooling too. If I didn't already have the HET's I would throw in a pair of these for sure!! A 6S 5000mAH 65C battery runs ONE with ease..... but drive a PAIR and even a battery of those high end specs will be taxed!!
They will do 1.8Kg sustained, and 2.1Kg burst - if good batteries!! But I bet they will lose something like 0.3Kg to 0.4Kg in the Su. Plus the fact that even a very goo dbattery, needing to drive TWO of them, will not be able to maintain the voltage to produce those single unit test numbers. (not in any fan combo chosen also).

3) Use the new CS12-70mm.... no better power/load than the CS10 but the same price and a much stronger fan and housing. So if I was doing the HET path again I would use these. But the HET's are $75 EACH motor and you get the entire pre-assemblesd and balanced Lander for less!! Though the GRP CS12 is lighter than the Lander Alloy, and probably saves towards 200g total using this manner. But I myself have no problems with more weight, I LOOK for useful weight sources anwyay.

4) CS12 70mm's but with a cheaper motor.... there are a few more in the $40 area, thus more like $55 all up..... again not far off the Lander cost, but that lighter total again.

At the moment the Lander is an impressive value, and result, combo.... so it is hard to pass up that option!
Mind you if you have Power Capability, then you need Power SOURCE Capability too! Better, more expensive, batteries! eg 65C. Though even the HET's really need that - as they are basically the same power result as the Lander. And I would say there isn't much of a way to escape needing a fair amount of power in the Su anyway - it needs it more than a more conventional wide/swept wing (eg Me-262) needs.
eg The Me-262 can get away fine, and be fast, on 2000W. The Su really needs more like 2200W (Or probably more... 2400w to be 'fast').
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