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Fairwind III by Kyosho

I just acquired a new Fairwind III.
I'm quite happy with it so far, but I learned to sail RC on a Nirvana and I'm a little spoiled by it so I'm making a few mods to the Fairwind to make it sail better.

I'll post pictures as I go along.

Replacing the side stays with vinyl coated fishing leader wire and turnbuckles instead of bowsies.

Replacing stock sail with custom, almost stock sails, (no foot-rope on the main, loose footed)

Replacing radio with 2.4 radio.

Replacing sheet turnaround wire guide near the rudder control arm with a pulley.

Replacing the jib out-haul cleat with a grommet on the jib club for ease of adjustment.

Making a bracket to attach the forestay to the very end of the jib club.

Moving the jib swivel point on the jib club back to move the club forward so the jib leach clears the mast a bit more.

Separating the stay adjustment from the jib up-haul adjustment, so they are independent of each other.

Replacing most, (if not all), of the running rigging lines with 100# white Spectra line.
The factory lines are fabric coated nylon and are too stiff and kinky.

(Maybe) replacing vinyl printed planking on rear deck with real wood planking.

Find a skipper for the helm. (not so easy) 1/24 scale

Making a clear silicone bow bumper.

Replacing the open cell foam sealer around the hatch with something less likely to absorb water.

Replacing the bolted hatch arrangement with a something more practical.
Probably rare earth magnets. Works fine on my Nirvana.

Not so sure I need to (or even want to), secure the ballast with epoxy.
Am considering using plain old carpenters glue, should hold it just as well.
No fumes, no heat, easier to clean up after.
For that matter, why does it have to be glued in anyway?
Where can it go in the bottom of the keel? Might rattle a bit while handling it.

I like the bling, it stays!
It is a beautiful boat, and I won't be racing it anyway.
Looks gorgeous just sitting there, love the new fibreglass hull and gel coat finish.

Anyone who has had some experience with the FW III feel free to chime in with hints, critiques, whatever.
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