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Drop out of college?

I'm a collage student at a local university near St. Louis and I have a friend who is going through some tough times and needs some advice but for once in my life I am speechless. I really don't know what to tell her. Read the story and fell free to post comments, thoughts or advice.

My friend is an engineering student who has transfered from a community collage. She only has a year and a half left till graduation. She lives 75 miles from our collage and makes the drive 3 days a week because rent in a collage town is so high.
She has run out of money, has no collateral or credit score and her parents won't cosign a lone for her. (They don't believe in borrowing money, their theory being that you can't borrow your way to a better future.)

Next semester her class schedule will require her to be on campus 5 days a week. That means if she continues driving she will spend 15 hours a week on the road.

Basically, she can't afford to drive, can't afford to move and this close to graduation she almost can't afford to quit.

Her parents are not very sympathetic of her situation and are urging her to not even bother studying for upcoming finals because it's pointless to try to continue.

She really is in the right field. She grew up in a family of all boys and if you need something designed, built or fixed she can do it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and passed on.

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