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Originally Posted by The Tug View Post
Mix up some of the west system snot(thickish) and use as a filler it gets very hard sand it back to shape and paint it. Did you put the air pump back or are the fish dead??? Do not sand down the bulb you don't want to remove lead fill it and fair it.....
Ok Will do, based on my last experience with West System packets.. I will wind up wasting a lot in the packet pair, and will want to pre- mix it slightly hotter since it took a long time to gel the last time ( about 15 minutes) ...I plan to simply pre-mix all the hardener in a packet with 90 % of the epoxy in the same packet for 30 seconds then toss 2/3rds of it BEFORE mixing in the microballs cause it takes a lot of microballs to make it thicken up.. then I'll put on a really thick blob on the bulb and let it dry hard before shaping it..

What type of paint is recommended on a keel bulb? I assume any glossy black Enamel will last pretty well after priming it? If I wind up over weight .. should I plan to drill out some lead from inside the 1/2 inch circular mounting screw area to get back in spec?

BTW.. the goldfish was already dead.. so he didn't miss the air-pump.. that bubble blow thru the Drain Plug technique worked perfect for finding leaks around the pot for the RC gear.. I tested every where else and could not find anything else leaking except there. but did have to re-do the whole thing since I wanted to get ALL the Elmers glue out, and had left a little residual on the threads of the cap and at the base so I did not seal tight.. until I pulled it ALL out stripped All the old silicon and dried glue out, and and redid it all again with silicone sealer and wiped the base clean so the lid seals 100% tight again too.. I'm looking for some stiff 1/32 inch rubber gasket material to replace the stock cardboard seal in the lid too.
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