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Originally Posted by bossee View Post

Tried to translate "dam" but could not find what it mean but I suppose it is the plate that direct the cooling air out of the air exit holes You mean.
Bo, yes, that would be correct. A "dam" is a structure that "stops" fluids from moving from one side of it to the other. Typically used for generating hydro-electric power. In this case, it is blocking the air from flowing in to the aft of the fuse.
The rear top deck is made of white foam covered with 1,5 (or possibly 2) millimeter light/soft balsa with a total thickness of 8 milllimeter (foam including the balsa sheeting). That is light and strong.
We thought about using foam for the decks. Thing is, doing it with wood, per the design, is just about the same amount of work and one doesn't have to deal with wood to foam joints and underlying structure. We might do foam on a subsequent design depending on how this project goes. I have always liked the Zlin and it might lend itself better to foam decks but one thing at a time...

I took some photos that maybe will help You get some good idea for the Chipmunk electric.
Yes, the pictures are useful - thanks. I have gotten plenty of ideas in drawing from seeing how things are done in ARF's. I still haven't quite figured out how to integrate the dam into the Chippy given we have servos in the center of the model rather than just having to run servo leads. In other words, we have pushrods and P-P cables to deal with. A possibility is to simply open the bottom of the fuse for air flow further back so the air would flow straight through. In this case, a dam, while maybe not necessary, might be easier to implement. 1/8" lite ply makes sense for it.

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