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Today i worked on the nacelles and the cockpit section.

You may have noticed that the engine mounts are just two ply plates. I added 6mm depron on every side and sanded them in shape. After that the nacelles are ready for the spackle.

As i mentioned before i am using my own lightweight spackle. The recipe is very easy as you just need two things: acrylic paint (thick wall paint, not the tamiya-style liquid) and microballoons. You put some paint into a small cup and add microballoons until you get the consistency of soft ice.
Advantages are no smell, working with all materials, cheap and perfect for sanding.

After i applied the spackle to the engines with some spare depron they had to dry. So i worked on the cockpit section (that i have left out because i was unsure how to do it).
Before that i got back to my CAD model and extracted some section views to get an idea of the formers i had to make. Take a look at the PDF for details.

Then i just cut the parts from 6mm depron and covered with 3mm depron. I only used separate plates for the two very significant front windows, because the outer third ones integrate into the shape of the fuselage. (i hope that was understandable).
So maybe the cockpit doesn´t look scale right now because of the missing windows, but that will change

Tomorrow i will sand and maybe glass the nacelles. The wing also needs some work right now...
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