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Originally Posted by mortato View Post
I don't. I'm not sure how you can support the idea of a state denying half it's citizens basic human rights. I only support states that protect religious freedom (and of course freedom from religion). This includes the UK should seperate the C of E from all aspects of government, specifically the bishops in the House of Lords. Charles almost got it right when he said that as monarch he would protect all religions, he just forgot the "and none" bit.
Only if the majority of a population wanted to deny women equal rights to men would I support any decision to do so, which would entail some women also wanting to deny themselves equal rights.

While we consider our way of life to be more moral than the way of life in Islamic countries, they generally see us as being the immoral ones. We are the ones who have ''godless'' societies full of single parent families, lacking in ''traditional family values,'' which they see themselves as the upholders of. But just as I expect them to respect the way that we have chosen to live, I do the same for them. If a women wants to spend her life at home, and obey her husband, who are we to tell her otherwise?

Societies in Islamic countries today aren't too different from what western societies were like, not so long ago. Just as women have more or less now gained equal rights in the west, the same is happening in Muslim countries in the middle east. Even though most of them still have a long way to go, they are generally moving in the same direction as we did. If one thing's been proven, it's that invading countries to instill our way of life on them, and propping up secular dictators over religious populations, does nothing for women's rights etc in those countries, as they descend back into the dark ages as radicals always end up taking over. Such actions also help to radicalise the populations, making matters even worse.

So I believe the best thing to do is to respect that people choose to live their lives as they see fit, and give them positive encouragement to help their societies modernise, as we have done. Rather than spend vast amounts of money attacking other countries, we could give a fraction of it to women's rights groups in those countries instead.

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