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Originally Posted by Poporbit View Post
tripn4days Sry was away for a day, didnt see ur question on the packing tape. I've built three of these now 75%, 100% and 115% The paper delaminate's in flight and distorts with high humidity, removing it and putting on $tree packing tape is straight easy to work/rework. It's lighter and much stronger. It does take longer to build but sooo worth the time. And only add's $1.00 to the cost of the plane
Hmmmm.... Didnt anticipate the paper peeling aspect. Perhaps I shouldtape all exposed edges then, as my plane is now finished, minus the motor mount...


I've got 2 motor options and having never done a pusher before or ever used these tiny pusher props, I'm a bit stumped about which motor I should go with. I will be running a 3s setup, but could do either an 850mAh 15C battery or a twice and big (and twice as heavy) 2200mAh 30C LiPo. My propeller options include 6x4 pusher style, but also "could" include a 9x5 cut down to 7" or a 10x4.7 SloFlyer cut down to a 6 or 7"

Ideas? Do's or Dont's? Suggestions?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


Grayson Hobby 2208-17 Specs:

RPM per volt : 1100
Max efficiency: 80%
Max efficiency current: 4~7A (>74%)
No Load Current / 10V: 0.4A
Max Current: 8A/60 sec
Max Watts 100W
Weight: 34g
ESC: 18Amp

OPTION 2: EMP C2826 KV1350

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