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Originally Posted by Michael in Toronto View Post
Is there a situation where you would be as comfortable calling Israel a Jewish state?
Of course, if the majority of the population (as defined above) wants Israel to be a Jewish state.

Jews are unwelcome in most Islamic countries - in various degrees, officially and unofficially.

(Note also the several contemporary reasons (other than Zionism) for Arab antisemitism.)
It's not as if there haven't been pogroms etc in Islamic countries, but before Zionism, Jews were welcome in most Islamic countries particularly in the middle east, for most of history, whereas that situation has now reversed. Which is the main reason why even though the one state solution might seem to be fairer, and in my opinion is what will more than likely eventually happen, two states learning to live side by side in peace, with Israel having a Jewish majority, would seem to be the best solution at this time. So the sooner Israel starts dealing with the refugees as I mentioned, the better.

One thing worth noting is that most anti-semitism throughout history in both Christian and Muslim countries, seems to have been religious based. I had never heard of the term ''Jewish deicide'' before reading that article. That's something that won't happen again in Christian countries in the west, due to the death of Christianity. For most of the remaining fundamentalist Christians in the west, Muslims are the new devil, as we see expressed here on this forum. While Jews are generally considered to be ''people like us,'' and people talk about ''Judeo-Christian values'' etc. I certainly don't recall ever seeing any Christian post anything anti-semitic on this forum, based on Christianity. While such anti-Muslim posts by Christians are prevalent, some even comparing Islam to devil worshiping, just like Christians used to do with Judaism. A fear even among some non-Christians, is that Muslims want to take over western countries by becoming the majority and to instill their own laws, as we also see expressed on this forum, which is another fear that never existed with Jews.

So while there may once have been good reason for Jews to have their own state, somewhere, those reasons don't seem to exist anymore, and Jews can now live quite comfortably throughout the west. Can you think of any reasons why there might be any widespread anti-semitism in the west in the future, other than because of Israel?

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