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Originally Posted by HoosierGuy View Post
I ordered the pop wing with a motor and servos and all that. I don't remember the prop that came with it. It broke a few months ago when I tried a larger motor and it smashed right into the ground. I haven't flown it since until I tried it today with the motor that came with it.

The instructions say to use a motor that is T2208 KV 1370 and suggests a prop 7050E or 6050E. When I ordered my pop wing they sent me a motor that is AS2208-15 KV 1260.

I'm happy to say that I made my own prop saver and put on a prop that is 6x3E. I did get it to fly for the first time in months using the stock 1260 KV motor. I have to say though that it seemed like it took full or nearly full throttle to launch it. I think the prop might be too small. Anybody agree? I have another prop that I thought about trying - a 7x5E prop. Would that prop be too big or the right size? What is the perfect sized prop for the motor I have (AS2208-15 KV 1260)?

I crashed my electric glider that has all my led lights on it today. My original plan was to master this wing and then put led lights on it. Now that my glider will be out of action for a month or so while I fix the wings I want to put led lights on my pop wing.

Also, when I flew it today I noticed something that I noticed a few months ago when I flew it - I have to fly with up elevator. I mean, I always have to pull the right stick down a little to keep the nose up. I was using a 2200 mah battery. How do I fix this so it will fly level with my right stick in neutral position? Do I have too much weight on the nose or too much in the back?

I love flying this thing. I can slow it down and almost land it at my feet. I hope I can get good enough to fly at night. I think it's a perfect night flyer - small enough to fit in the back seat and take to a park in town; hop out of the car and pull the wing out real fast and fly at night for about five minutes and then land, throw it in the back seat and drive off and wait and see if anybody reports UFOs in the local newspaper!
HoosierGuy... Whew! Where to start. Let's at least get you some stress free flying.

1. To deal with the need for constant elevator input(pulling right stick down) adjust the trim on your transmitter until you no longer have to make constant corrections. Popwings need reflex(up elevator) just to get them to fly level. When you have that set, take notice of the position of the elevons. Now center the trim on your radio and manually adjust the elevons to the position you had for stable flight. I set my Popwing on a couple of short 1"X1" to get my measurements and make my adjustments. I will take a picture and put in my next post.

2. Using a 2200 mAh battery is okay. That is all I use. For the extra weight the flight time really is great. Also, it helps balance out the center of gravity. Speaking of which. The COG on a wing is super critical. Mine is balanced at 205 mm from the tip of the nose.

3. Your prop selection. With that motor I had a GWS 8X4 prop and it flew. No great performance. I tried a GWS 8X6 and it helped some but the motor is to small to get any decent rpm out of it. I now have that motor on a smaller wing and an APC 7X5 and it performs very well.
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