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In the end, I cut a small rectangular plate in the fuse where the two small screws go down into. I removed that section (including the small 'nuts' that are patently inferior quality) and installed a plastic rectangle approx 3mm thick by 50mm X 40mm so that it butts against the inside of the fuselage sides.

I'd pre-drilled this plastic so that I could glue two larger nuts (that were the same dia and thread as the 6mm dia nylon bolts I'd decided to use instead of the crappy stock ones) on the underside of the plastic. I used 24 Hour Araldite (which amazingly went off in just over an hour in our sweltering 32 degree C weather.

I then used 5 minute epoxy to fix the plastic plate firmly in position and glued the small piece of foam back on top. When it has all gone off, the wings fitted perfectly and, (importantly) securely.

So now, the nylon bolts feel as though they tighten properly rather than the 'hit or miss' feel the stock screws had.

When you consider just how much force is being put on a relatively small area of un-reinforced foam, it's amazing more wings haven't pulled off.

The whole job only took just over an hour (not including waiting for the glue to go off) and it gives me the feeling that that's one less thing that can go wrong on my MM.
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