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Originally Posted by KTL13 View Post
SkyPirate, from one TC owner to another I just wanted to give a few tips I learned along the way, it wasnt long ago that I recieved this plane as a gift and I was looking for the same sort of answers. This was also my 2nd plane after the HZ SuperCub.
-For whatever reason MY plane needed a of trim, all the surfaces were pefectly lined up when I built it and wow was it ever untrimmed when I maidened it. I think it might be due to the wing or horizontal stab being warped or perhaps it was epoxied on with a slight twist. So do a once over on the plane and check that out. You cant really correct it before the flight but if you get a wonky maiden youll know why. On my maiden I quickly learned how untrimmed it was on takeoff, it was almost unflyable plus it was a bit tail heavy too. So get good at trimming on the fly! You may never need that skill but its a great skill to have. All my flying buddies get me to trim their planes now. Back to the plane - once I got it trimmed out all was well.
-Be 100% sure about your CG point. Unfortunatley putting the battery in and out of this plane is complete pain but do your homework and youll be rewarded.
-Watch out for the tip stall tendenices on this plane too, it has been rumoured to tip stall quite easily. I keep my speed up to avoid this, ive experienced this a few misakes high so I know how to avoid it now.
-You likely already know this but when you turn you gotta come out of a turn "unturning" so to speak. It is nothing like the SuperCub, it will not correct itself at all. If you leave it banked it will stay banked. I didnt think it would be that different....but it is. But once you get used to it its very simple. Also dont be shy about using lower rates and some expo. On my dx6i for low rates I have 70% rate and 15% expo. Dont be shy to even use 30% expo. Youll find its twitchy in comparison to the supercub but youll adjust in seconds....just insure yourself for the first few seconds! LOL. I have a 480 in mine and this plane is by far my most aerobatic of all my planes, except my 3D plane. Not only does it zip along really nicely but it can loop and roll like crazy. I love doing outside loops and 1/2 cuban 8s, this plane is just so unasumming and is really overpowered in the air..... I just love it. I have my TC on skiis at the moment and taking off and landing on skiis is just so much fun. And on a side note to your corsair, my 3rd plane was a PZ P47. I maidened it about 4-5 flights after my TC maiden and I gotta say once you can fly the TC youll find the warbird slower, less aerobatic and dare I say easier to fly. Congrats and good luck with your TC!!!!
Originally Posted by KTL13 View Post
I just finished tightening a rather "loose and lumpy" 80" Canadair. It came absolutely wrinkled beyond belief. I bought both an iron and a heat gun and I found that its best to take an iron and do the edges first then take the heat gun and slowly apply heat to the like MAGIC. I found the iron took too long compared to the gun for the other open larger parts of the plane, the gun works within seconds. Make big swooping circles and it will tighten in all directions equally. I also have my TC with some wrinkles that I am planning on fixing.
Wow! That is alot to take in but I am! I appreciate the tips and help. I will use yourr technique on tighting the sheeting. Makes alot of sense. Also, I am learning how important cg and proper alignment and trimming is. I have done the alignments and found I had to still trim once I fly. I usually land and check/make adjustments then fly again. I have been forcing myself to trim in the air lately though. I think it will make me a better flyer for it and I think I am making more accurate adjustments this way. I am getting into checking wattage, amps etc. to make sure I have good setups and parts arent failing...even on my super cub since she has been flown so much I did a xomplete workup. Good practice for me. Again thanks!
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