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Originally Posted by StarHopper44 View Post
(...and photo #2)
Ohhhhhhh! So that's where BBs come from!!
Would-a never guessed!!!
You have to SCARE the BB tree to give up it's fruit. Death from above is a great option. Give it enough of a fright and it will even extrude a handy ziplock package for you. A couple pounds of plane with a pointy end coming in fast will make anyone pine for a change of underwear.

Originally Posted by OldeMan View Post
Now *that* is what I call an "experienced airplane".

(As my age advances, so does my appreciation for the "weathered" look.)
My SkySurfer looks much the same. I'm one of those guys that has a lot of fun trying to fly just above my comfort level. Needless to say I crash A LOT as a result. If you aren't dying you aren't trying right? haha

On an unrelated note I took out the wooden "tray" in front. I got tired of gluing it back together. Does it really serve a purpose other than a temporary holder for those screws that get sucked inbetween the motor and fuselage? It can't be reinforcing anything, being so low in the fuselage. I can't really think of a force that having a flimsy wooden brace right there would help with.
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