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Originally Posted by BThirsk View Post
I don't know about the 450 you bought, but on mine, I did have to change the links on the swash plate to servos and up to the head as the cheap ones were not good fit. That was about it.
As the 450 is intimidating and a little dangerous, I would maybe suggest getting a small CP trainer like the Walkera MiniCP or the Blade Nano. You could all learn and have fun with one of those. Maybe that one should be for dad to teach the boys on.
+1 to that. The thing with 450 clones is if you have no experience with this type of heli you are going to have problems maintaining and troubleshooting them. They usually have components that need replacing and upgrading, but you won't have the experience to recognize that and you won't get much help online because the odds of anyone else having the same configuration you have is poor. They also break very easily and repairing them and getting them setup correctly requires lots of time, patience and expertise. You can do $20 - $30 damage just tipping the heli over and hitting the blades while they are turning.

It's also worth mentioning that this is not the kind of heli you fly around the neighborhood or playground. It's big enough to inflict serious damage or injury and is best flown at an AMA club site unless you have a lot of open space that you own. Otherwise, the liability you can incur is considerable.
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