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Originally Posted by autoquip View Post
I have been ploughing through this thread with great interest and more than a little confusion.Im newish to edfs and still trying to understand it all.I have been flying the hk stinger i have a Parkzone Habu and have just got a Dynam Meteor.I know all the info is more than likely to be in this thread but hoping somebody can give me the answer that i can understand.
I have heard a few youtube clips of people flying with the 10 blade fan and just love the sound.
What would be a reasonable set up to get that sound out of my Habu/Meteor? I really want to set either one of them up on the 10 fan rotor.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
I can try and shed some light for you... I put a CS10 fan with a 2950kv motor on 5s into my H2 and I am less than impressed with the sound. While it is now a lot quieter than the screaming and whining stock fan which is great but it still is not producing a huge whoosh sound that it is known for. I believe the reason is partly because I am running on 5s and the whoosh sound would become louder with higher rpm's on a 6s setup. The vertical is better now and I went from an 85-90mph stock setup to a 100-110mph improvement (speed varies with C rating of lipo).

Sorry to disappoint but I don't think there is a reasonable setup that will give you that sound your after... at least not without paying a small fortune in a major upgrade, hacking it all up and have it running on 6s. This in my opinion is not reasonable for this epo jet. Maybe for a Habu 32 composite it would be very reasonable.

I have a question for you... If you have a Habu, why would you buy a Meteor? Unless your Habu is trashed and you want to save a few bucks on a similar airframe.
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