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Originally Posted by hawaiichopper View Post
For sure what arrowshooter said. Get a good feel for the F45. That 450 kit looks nice for a starter CP. Thought about buying it also but tried a CP and decided I'm not ready for that yet! Spazy thumbs.
LOL,... nicely put arrowshooter! LOL! Nah,... I'm just the Dad, Eric Sr., never flown one of these things in my life! I started lurking and read in here a little over a week back trying to get a grip on what to surprise the boys with. They've been flying these things for two years now (13 & 14). They started out with one those little choppers with the double rotors spinning in opposite directions on one shaft. A Syma something. They spent last summer flying the bigger choppers with just one rotor on the main shaft. They do pretty good as far as I can tell. During the summer, if it ain't baseball it's flying helicopters, either way, they spend most of their time out at the field. RC flying is pretty popular out there, both planes and choppers, and they'll go out there and spend hours just sitting and watching the older guys. The 13 year old has made it clear, he's done with hand-me-downs from his older brother when it comes to this hobby. Reasoning for 2 of these things. When I talked with the guy at TechnToys, he told me the F45/450 mix would be a better purchase, predicting the older boy would tire of the F45 by it being a slightly larger, somewhat better built and performing version of what he's coming out of,... a 91xx something or other. According to him, it's his next step, as the F45 will/should be for younger boy. It's really kinda funny, they're at that age now where the older boy is shooting for separation and the younger one is demanding parity! LOL! So I can see where getting them both the same thing might not make the best political sense around the house. LOL! Hopefully, with this mix, there's an adventure in store for the both of them.

I've been reading up on this software simulator thing a lot of you guys use,... maybe I should look harder into that, try to find something that'll match up with the 450. Hell, maybe it'll even replace the xBox,... a good thing if you ask me! Thanks BThirsk,... I'll have the boys read through your blog and check out your vids for sure. But my reservation about the 450 kit was more about 'you get what you pay for' kinda thing more than anything else. I mean 150 bucks for something that would normally cost over 500 bucks for is a head scratcher. Even considering the whole generic vs name brand thing. Glad to hear hawaiichopper took a look at it and thought about it,... that made me feel better.

Hey look guys thanks a bunch for the comments, you might not see much of me, but I got a feeling the boys will be here quite often.

Eric, Sr.
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