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Be SURE to buy the 808 #16 and then read up on how you can configure it. There are a lot of options, like you can have it take time-lapse photos at the interval you select, ot take video, lot of camera adjustments. Read the very extensive thread on this camera. A super amount of work has gone into the camera and it shows.

Do NOT buy from any vendor other than the ones on the authorized list. Instead of a camera you will get a piece of junk. The good cameras are about $40 each and that does NO include a micro SD card. I just buy those at my local MicroCenter store.

I mounted my camera near the leading edge of the wing such that it points down at an angle. An airplane in level flight is going to be centered vertically on the horizon. So if you mount the camera parallel to the plane, your video will be half sky and half ground. I don't care to waste all those pixels on the sky, that's why I angle my camera down. I want SOME sky to show because that give you persective, but the things on the ground are far more interesting to look at than the sky. I mounted my camera about halfway between the tip of the wing and the fuselage. If you mount it too close to the fuselage it will pick up the prop and you will get a ton of black lines through your whole video, not good. If you mount the camera too close to the tip of the wing, your camera will be moving up and down more. So the compromise is half way.

On planes that have their props on the wing or a pusher prop plane, I mount the camera right on the nose of the plane. This gives the most solid looking video because you will have the least roll there. Also, do NOT try to cushion your camera with some soft foam or something, that will just cause it to vibrate more and you will get the hated "jelly" effect. It's best to mount it with double-sided foam tape, but Velcro is ok if it's nice and tight.

You'll enjoy the videos a lot, I do.

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