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Originally Posted by Steve_ View Post
That is an awesome idea. Will do that. Thanks !!
It's an old trick. If you know the material you are working with won't bond with CA, make the receptacle by wrapping and soaking with epoxy. It's bigger and bulkier, but very effective. I used the floss - epoxy method when I broke the canopy mounting post off of the frame on my SRB Quark over 4 years ago and it's still holding just fine.

Here's another tip: your previous experience is flying a DH9116, which is highly stabilized and has muted response. This type of heli gives you the luxury of being able to react to situations. People who fly them learn to react very quickly and think they are pretty good. But, when you move away form this type of heli, you no longer have the luxury of reacting. If you are reacting, you already crashed. You have to anticipate, act and counteract; always stay ahead of the heli, make it do what you want to do, not what it wants to do. If you get behind, stop the heli and start over. If you try to catch up, you will crash.
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