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New Strega in progress

I got a second Strega model to prepare. I crashed the first, not beyond repair, but have not motivation to do the reparation now, it's a spare now for simular incidents later.

However, this Strega is being modified to carry wing and possible joiner ballast as well. Also I am up scaling the fuselage ballast tube from previous 22mm slugs, to 24mm slugs. It will fit just nice, the only limit, is that I am in doubt if the wiring will be possible to fit under the servotray next to the ballast tube on each side.

With my new configuration, the weight in the fuse is now 1700grams.

In the wings I have brass 700 grams, to the 20x10mm rectangular tubes supplied by sloperacer. But the brass supplied were very loose in the tube, so I am planning to mould 20x10mm lead slugs by using silicone mould mass to make the forms from a 20x10mm wood list. That should give approximate 1000 grams in the wings. I now have two joiners, and I have filled one with lead beads adding another 400 grams. The cutout job for the holes for the wing tube were easy, and the tubes will now be glued into the bottom of the wingsskin, and one side facing to the spar, behind the joiner box. The Cg will be placed at 112mm when glued in behind the joiner box, a little to aft after my taste, so possible some joiner ballst is the solution.

That would sum up to a total of 3100grams available ballast.

Most likely I should be able to fly the wings of the fuselage with this weight in some fast EM turns.

The motivation to do the wing ballast modification, is that I have got my hands into a Skymax 4 which have 24mm slugs in the fuselage. And for not having to carry different sets of ballast, I needed to make it possible to bring two planes to the slope, but just one ballast set.

Also I am convinced the more weight carried in the wings, will maintain the crisp handling on the elevator on the Strega, compare to having a long sausage of lead in the fuselage. I think 1400 grams in the wings+ some extra in the fuse will be just perfect. I am hoping to have it ready within early spring.
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