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Broke my first part on the 250GT today. I was sliding sideways about a foot
off the ground and a gust made it dip and catch the skid.

Only broke 1 leg, so I can still fly it. But if I had been 2 feet up all
would be good. Stupid.

It can get away from you SOOO FAST... just a nudge on the sticks for a split
second is all you can give it unless you want it taking off like a freakin' rocket.

I need to get a radio with programmable rates and epa's so I can tone it down a
little while I learn.

When it starts to get out of shape, you set it down NOW.
If you have to think about it, it's too late... you've already bit the dust.
All you can do is cut the throttle and hope the blades "bounce" off the blacktop.

This thing is pure evil. Devil bird from hell, I'm not kidding.

I equate it to trying to balance a marble on top of a bowling ball.
I can't believe I have not totaled it already.

But it is so satisfying to fly... the sound, the snappy movement.
The way it holds it's position if you are on the sticks right.
It is just soooo smooth.

The spin rate of this thing is completely nuts.
The tail can spin around so fast it's a blur.
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