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I can't speak for others but for me, with that 'V' rod, keeping both wing's butts properly squared up and flush, fitting the connecting plate then holding it all together - still aligned - while you got both mounting screws installed & seated was a freakin' nightmare! With the angles involved the slightest slip threw everything off, & you might not realize the butts weren't completely flush until too late. On top of that, try doing it at the field with the wind blowing!! It's like trying to herd cats.

My solution was to glue the V-Rod in place in one wing, pre-aligned properly. I say 'glue' as in, just enough to hold it firmly yet to be able to remove it with a little force if needed, w/o destroying anything. For the record I used Foam-Tac, even tho it isn't foam; it dries with a little flexibility. Even in the gluing process, you need to exercise care that you have BOTH wings butted up squarely while the glue dries in the one tube. I used the joiner plate as an 'indicator' while it was drying, cuz if they aren't flush that plate won't seat properly.

Compared to how it was before, it's now such a simple, can't-miss thing you wouldn't give it a second thought!
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