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Originally Posted by britinoz View Post
Thanks for that.......but I do feel a bit of a copy cat......and yes I was pushing the bar as my motor is working well over its recomended weight limit and I thought that it was never going to ROG
It's an EMAX CF 2822 /1200KV with a 9 X 4.7 SF prop and you can see in the pic's how small it rearly with a 1500 ma lipo I am getting a 7 min flight and with a 1800 ma I'm getting about10 min,
But with the weight of a pilot and the few bit's that have been now added...I find that the motor has to run flat chat all the time ....compared to before them it was only flying at around half throttle. So I do have a larger motor to try for the next outing.
I have played around with the wing ...and I did move it a little .
I 'm pretty sure that I can make some more inprovements in little steps I took these pic's today at the field just to show you where it's at now.. I just made a very simple nose set up out of thin card and film to try to clean up the front a little....but I must try harder........but a bit low light a thunder storm was on its way. . bright lights and big rumble....very hot and sticky.
Your not a copycat i love the way youve made it different to mine and its looking awesome so just enjoy it!
some people just copy things and never give credit... but not you my friend,
i love seing pics of it, watching it fly and hearing how much your enjoying it it makes me very happy

im the same with other peoples rc microlights, im praising people all the time on you tube about them cus i just love watching them fly, amazing aircraft!

anyway.. im running a 960kv parkzone radian pro motor on mine with a master airscrew 3 blade prop which is 9" but cant remember the pitch.
its got plenty of power but only really using half throttle for straight and level.
Was waay too much power before i fitted the longer springs and you could loop it on command but now it climbs on full throttle like a rocket! lol

this is using a 3S 2200mah lipo though, i might try a smaller mah lipo to bring the weight down abit as flight time on this 2200 is rediculously long
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