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Originally Posted by hoghead5150 View Post
well i know my spektrum dx5e will not bind to two different receivers at the same time. what i mean is, if i bind it to my apprentice, it works fine, but when i switch to my albatros i have to rebind the transmitter to that plane. the dx5e has no memory so it's one receiver at a time. but alas, we are not talking about the dx5e transmitter.
Would you try an experiment for me ? Put Tx in to bind mode ... then when powering up Rx's to bind - do BOTH AT SAME TIME .... I would suggest that then you will have BOTH Rx's bound to the Tx without problem. The Tx doesn't receive any return signal from the Rx - so it doesn't care ... in fact I reckon you could do them separately and STILL have each Rx working ... As Kyle has demo'd on another thread in Wattflyer - even Model Match allows multiple Rx's to be bound and operate on same memory slot ... so why is the older DX5 so different ...

for a rank newbie things need to be kept as simple as possible. while it may be possible to bind his transmitter to a million receivers, it wouldn't be good practice for him to do so. it would be alot easier to just rebind for each plane, rather than having somebody that is not sure how things work carrying a laptop to the field and having to plug in his transmitter to switch things around. this would be a very good way of screwing things up and crashing planes.
Tha's where we will differ seriously ... rebinding does nothing in terms of setting controls or trims etc. But plugging into PC and setting up Tx would at least make sure servos are reversed etc,. where necessary. LESSENING risk of crashes etc. YOUR way is more risk and defeats object of having a programmable Tx.

after he becomes familiar with the transmitter, and even more so with the planes he's flying, then the more advanced issues could be addressed.
On a T6 ?? One of the simplest radios out ?

i stand by my original post, you should use a seperate receiver for each plane,
Totally agree on that ... for the few $ a Rx costs ... no argument.

and when you get ready to switch planes, you should rebind your transmitter to that plane. you will have less chance of screwing up a setting and crashing your plane.
Sorry but that is in my opinion very bad advice and totally unnecessary. As said above above - re-binding only sets a Rx - it does noth8ing to make sure seervos are right direction, other settings are correct. ONLY programming change can do that ...

i personally would invest in a better transmitter that has model memory and a screen on the transmitter that allows you to choose models from the transmitter itself instead of having to plug it into a computer to do such things.
In fact the PC way is something that much more expensive radios are starting to do now ... even beloved Spektrum ... the PC gives unlimited memory capability ... something that I wish my 9X had ...

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